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About Us

Part of the Lanarkshire Family History Society remit is to record names of those held in the graveyards, and on memorials for enquirers into their family tree from anybody around the globe. An extension to that is the fallen heroes in the Great War, by collating individual Memorials, Plaques, and Roll of Honour (MPRoH). It was noted that there is an overlap between the various MPRoH’s, in a village or town, and even between villages and towns, as many of the fallen are remembered in more than one village or town.

We adopted the criteria, of anybody with a connection with Lanarkshire; born, schooled, worked, resided, or even buried in Lanarkshire would be included in a Fallen database. Sounds simple, but none of the MPRoH’s have service numbers (Officers did not have a service number during WW1), and a vast number of UK Soldiers service records were destroyed during WW2: through enemy action. So, it is necessary to research multiple sources to correctly identify anybody who has fallen. Fortunately, we have a good team of researchers who trawl the web joining up the pieces to make a picture. Resulting in over 30 books on the Fallen.